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[CuratorSalon Japan] is a non-profit artproject which has aim to build an art platform which enhances art exchangesbetween curators from Korea and Japan. In this platform, curators can sharetheir expertise on artworks by both countries’ artists. Furthermore, thisproject can be expanded to the area of East Asia for exchanging ideas andcurating projects of each countries’ curators.


Curator Salon Japan which will be launched inOsaka will have total four curators as speakers.

Asthe pre-event, experimental art platform [Conceptual Osaka] will start 12:00 atthe same venue of [Curator Salon Japan] with 2 artists and their artworks fromKorea and Japan. As the special program, [Conceptual Nara] also will be openedon 10 July 2018 at the Library of Nara University of Education.




Dateand Time: 6th July 2018, 12:00 to 18:00 with break times

Venue:Korean Cultural Center Osaka, Nuri Hall

MainSponsor: Arts Council Korea(ARKO),

Sponsor:Korean Cultural Center Osaka,

Supported by: Art Osaka Organizing Committee,

Organizer:Pil Joo Jung (President of ACS(ArtCultureSpace)), ,


Sub-Program:Conceptual Osaka, 6th July 2018, 12:00 – 14:00

Admission:Free Entrance

ProgramLanguage: Korean, Japanese (Interpretation between Korean and Japanese will beprovided)


Program Schedule

~12:00 Admission and Entrance

12:10Pre-program ‘Conceptual Osaka’

14:00– 18:00 Curator Salon Japan (after every session, there will be 5 mins breaktime)


Listof Speakers for Curator Salon Japan


Name:Pil Joo Jung, art critic and curator

Title:The peace of East Asia based on Korean-Japanese women artists’ world ofartworks - with artworlds of Yamashiro Chikako and Lee Soon Jong


Name:Park Young Sook, The president of Trunk Gallery (Seoul), Photographer

Title:Talk about Korean and Japanese photographer – The market of photography



Name:Hiroaki Kano (Nara University of Education)

Title: Community-Engaged Arts and Art Education: Themeaning of participation in community-engaged arts for non-art students ascreators


Name: NobuakiItoh (Artist)

Name: YosakuMatsutani (Kokugakuin University)

Title: Couldyou tell me what is art?



As thepre-program of Curator Salon Japan, [Conceptual Osaka] present two artists fromKorea and Japan. [Conceptual Osaka] is the part of the conceptual series whichis started as a nonprofit event [Conceptual Yeonnam] from January 2018 inSeoul, Korea. This conceptual series aim to build an art platform opening achannel which enables experimental arts, theoretical arts, conceptual arts andperformative arts to find audiences and opportunities to sustain artists’ artcareer. Besides [Conceptual Osaka], there will be another special program[Conceptual Nara] on 10 July 2018 at Library of Nara University of Education.


Co-organizer:Yosaku Matsutani (Kokugakuin University)

               PilJoo Jung, art critic and curator


List ofArtists for Conceptual Osaka


Byung Wook Bae(Instagram @armioneart)



NobuakiItoh (



Youcan reach Korean Cultural Center Osaka by walking 3 Minutes from Exit No. 2 ofSubway Tanimachi Line <NakazakiCho> (T19) Station.

Address:530-0016, 4th Floor 4-2, Korean Center Bld, Nakazaki 2 Chome, KitaWard, Osaka, Japan



SpecialProgram: [Conceptual Nara]

Co-organizer:Hiroaki Kano (Nara University of Education),

Pil Joo Jung

Time andDate: 17:00 – 18:30, 10 July 2018

Speaker:Hiroaki Kano, Pil Joo Jung




Address:Library of Nara University of Education, 630-8528, Takabatakecho, Nara


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